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The Wellspring Company - B2B


Silverdale, WA, USA

Virtual Consulting/ Coaching/Training Available

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One 30 minute complimentary individual coaching session for the CEO or organizational leader in person or virtually with no obligation. ( Limit up to 2 individual sessions per organization) (Mention LWK)


The Wellspring Company was founded by Lesli in 2007 when she realized through her private practice clients how many people were stressed, anxious and exhausted by what was happening in their workplaces. She spoke with many business owners who were spent and felt like they were spinning their wheels.
The Training, Consulting and Coaching that Lesli provides gives business owners and leaders new ways of thinking and functioning that helps people work better together, get more done with less stress, and ultimately enhance productivity, efficiency and profitability. Inherent in the process is the benefit of people getting healthier and finding meaning in their work. The transformation that people and businesses experience is wildly awesome. Lesli offers a complimentary consultation to see if her services are right for you and your entity.

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