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Vendor Application

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow CC,LMT,CBHC

Executive Consultant/ Trainer

Founder/ Coordinator



Vendor Application/Agreement for “LIVE WELL KITSAP! LIVE ONE DAY EVENT"


Date: Saturday September 18, 2021

Location:  Haselwood YMCA   Silverdale Wa.


Time of the event:

Set up 8a-9a

Open to the Public 9-2p


You are invited to join us Saturday 9/18/21at the third annual Live Well Kitsap! event. This is your opportunity to show case your business, agency, restaurant, church or entity with a booth at the event.


Booth space is available to Live Well Kitsap business members and approved businesses or entities in Kitsap County who have an offering of goods and /or services that are congruent with helping people live a better quality of life in mind, body and /or spirit. Booth space is limited, and this event is regional, therefore time is of the essence in filling out this application, getting approved, and making your investment to secure your spot! 

Note:  All applications must be received by September 10th. Applications received after September 10th, will be declined for participation for the 2021 LWK event.


Live Well Kitsap! is an excellent opportunity to connect with the community, promote wellbeing, and get additional exposure for your business or entity in Kitsap County!  We are excited to have you join us.



This event exists to connect the community to people and places that enhance wellbeing in mind, body and/or spirit, to support economic development 

 and to strengthen community connection and wellbeing in Kitsap County by providing increased exposure to businesses, entities, agencies and churches that exist to serve others.

Please fill out all questions below.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor/ partner with us? * if yes, please contact Lesli at 360.509.0345 or email at If yes, what level are you interested in? Please see separate page for benefits/investment at each level.
Standard booth space as a vendor (not sponsor). The standard booth fee for a 10x10 space is $100.

*** If you need electricity and are not a platinum or gold sponsor, there will be a $85 Added fee for electricity for the day.

Are you a 501-C3 non profit entity? If yes, your investment fee is $75.00.
Please check the appropriate box(s) which best describes your entity:

Major sponsors- platinum and gold, are the only ones that will have a table and tent provided if needed.

If you need a table/chairs we recommend Costco as a good resource.

Please fill out the following:

1. I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations that are included with this application: Please sign only if you are the owner or other responsible party in your organization with authorization to sign this application and agreement.

2. Booth space is solely for the use of the individual business / organization/ entity named above, and may not be shared with any other entity unless permission has been granted in writing by the organizer of the LWK event.

3. Vendor space is 10x10 unless you are a platinum sponsor, in which case you will be given the option for a double space booth, 10x20. The space does NOT include a table, chairs, or tent. You are required to bring your own. You may bring your own canopy/ tent, tables, signage etc. as long as it fits in a 10x10 area. We encourage you to bring weights for your tent in case of wind.

4. Vendor booth check in and set up begins at 8a, and you must be completely set up by 9:00a. If you need more set up time, please contact us in advance.

5. Booth / area tear down and clean up may not occur before 2p, and must begin at 2:01p until completed. You are responsible for having people help with take down if needed and to completely clean your area of any belongings, debris, etc. in a timely manner. Please make your space look like it did prior to your arrival!

6. All vendors must provide proof of insurance, showing that Optimal Wellness, Inc. and the Haselwood YMCA are named as additional insured. The certiTicate of insurance is required and due with your payment to secure your space at the event. Please note: You will NOT be reminded of this requirement of supplying proof of insurance. NO INSURANCE = NO SET UP AND NO REFUND. Paying your fee saves your spot. Providing proof of insurance, assures your spot! Do not delay in providing this. Thank you. Note: if you already have business insurance, you ought to be able to obtain the certiTicate of insurance through your current insurance company.

7. Please inquire at if you need a referral to an insurance company if needed. It is usually very affordable to get this.

I will pay the vendor booth fee by the following:

1. Pay through PayPal( (3% Fee)


2. Call Lesli at 360.509.0345 to pay by credit card (3% Fee)


3. Mail a check to: 


PO Box 600 Silverdale WA 98383 make check payable to Optimal Wellness,Inc. and enter Live Well Kitsap! On the subject line.


Total amount due: $100*. (+ $85 electrical fee if applicable) non profits pay $75.00 + other applicable fees.

Focus of the event: Though selling is permitted, we want you to focus on relationship building as well as exposure for your church, agency, store, restaurant, profession, etc.  This is your opportunity to let people know what you are about, and what you offer that benefits them and their wellbeing. We encourage you to ask questions, meet people, obtain some great contacts, and have fun!


We encourage you also to offer any of the following: samples, demos, giveaways, drawings etc. and to track your ROI.   Obtain people’s emails when possible and reach out to them following the event. Offering them a special event deal or discount would be awesome.  We want you to develop some metrics around your involvement so you can make the event beneficial for your own entity, as well as blessing those you meet! 



RULES AND REGS FOR VENDORS- please read thoroughly


Set up is between 8a-9a.  We want you set up and ready to roll by 9a.

 You may not take down early, however you may start take down promptly at 2p.

 We will be open to the public from 9a-2p



Vendors who are sponsors/ partners will have first pick of location. After that we will be grouping food vendors together to accommodate electrical needs.  If you have a location preference for your booth, please let us know and we will attempt to accommodate it whenever possible. Vendor check in and location of your space will occur between 8a-9a on Saturday morning.



All vehicles must be removed from the drop off area as soon as you are unloaded. You will be directed where to off load your stuff by a volunteer or there may be signs. Please, be considerate to other vendors- UNLOAD AND PARK AWAY FROM THE LOADING/ UNLOADING ZONE. 



You must provide and use gloves for food service. You must have food handlers permits for anyone serving food from your booth/ space.  You must dispose of all waste in your area, and keep your area clean and free of litter and debris directly in front of, on the side of or in back of your space.  

Food vendors must have an approved and working fire extinguisher available, and tents or canopies must have fire retardant tags on them. Please do not dispose of any bleach water on the grassy areas. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING ANY NECESSARY PERMITS TO SELL FOOD FOR CONSUMPTION ON THE PREMISES THE DAY OF THE EVENT.



You need to bring food items in cold. We do not have the power to make cold units cold in order to prevent food spoilage. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hot foods are kept hot and your cold foods are kept cold according to Dept. of Health standards and regulations. * additionally, it is your responsibility to comply with any health permit regulations required by the DOH in WA state.



Please break down any cardboard for recycling and dispose of garbage in the appropriate areas.  Please be willing to help your neighbor with any garbage /recycling needs as well, as you are able.



Must be kept clear at all times. This is a requirement from the Y and the Fire Marshal’s office. We thank you for your cooperation.



There will be YMCA staff, volunteers or signage that will direct you where you can offload and where you can park. Please follow instructions.  PLEASE PARK AS FAR AWAY FROM THE EVENT as possible to allow for extra parking for those who wish to attend the event. People will leave if they cannot find parking.



Must be at least 15/3 cord for food vendors and 12/3 cords are permitted for lights within info/ other booths. Smaller cords may cause fires and continuous power outages. All cords are to be in proper working order; NO TAPE, WIRE NUTS, OR BARE WIRES. We are following all State and Federal Labor and Industries National Electrical Codes.  No exceptions.  You must comply.



You may not sell any food items or beverages. * exceptions are for example, bottled or jarred honey or jams sold to take home vs. consumption on site.



There will be an informational/ registration booth near the entrance to the Y. We want the public to come there first.  The Y staff is trained and has codes for any medical / safety issues.  If there is a true emergency, call 911 and report it. Alert a Y staff member immediately.   The information/ registration booth will also serve as a place to deal with minor first aid issues.



There will be a $75 fee charged to you for any check you pay us that is returned as NSF.  



Once we receive your payment, there will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED.  If for some reason you cannot participate, you may call or write us with an offer to have someone (business, entity etc. ) take your place, but there is no guarantee that we will accept your substitute.  They must go through the same application process. In certain circumstances, we may be willing to offer partial credit to you for next year’s event. Call  Lesli at 360.509.0345 or email at if you need to discuss this matter.



WEIGHTS FOR YOUR TENT- If you have a tent, please have a means available to you to keep it from blowing away should we experience a windy day the day of the event.  It is your responsibility to keep your tent stable and secure.


Quick item priority checklist:


  1. Fill out your application and pay online. You may mail a check to PO Box 600 Silverdale WA. Make checks payable to Optimal Wellness, Inc.  _____

  2. Call, text or email us TODAY if you want to sponsor or join us as a partner at any level! There are some great perks for you to get involved at this level. ______

  3. Provide the required proof of insurance document-feel free to check in with us if you have not heard from us that it is received. Remember you must name Optimal Wellness Inc. and The Haselwood YMCA as additional insured. 

  4. You will be sent flyers/ promo video once we have them to post in your place of business, agency, church etc.  Help us get the word out! 

  5. Prepare in advance all you will need for the day of the event so you are ready, organized, not stressed, and ready to roll!!

Note- We reserve the right to refuse participation to any vendor, professional, entity or business that we believe is not the right fit for this event for any reason. Any monies will be returned in full if we do not accept your application. Thank you for your understanding.





Questions? Comments?  Ideas?


We want to hear from you! Contact or text  360.509.0345



Note: We need volunteers the day of the event! If you know of someone who is willing to join us and help out the day of the event, please have them contact Lesli at 360.509.0345!  THANK YOU!


Note: Should the event be cancelled for any reasons beyond our control, we will offer a 50% credit  of your vendor fees towards next years event. Thanks for your understanding. 


Current Covid-19 protocol. Please wear masks if you or your staff are not vaccinated for your safety and the safety of others!



Your Vendor Application Has Been Submitted

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