As a member on the Live Well Kitsap site, you and your company or entity agree that you

will pay a monthly subscription fee (fee based on Tier selection) to Live Well Kitsap (LWK)

in exchange for the benefits offered through the Live Well Kitsap Community website. The

benefits of your selected tier will be provided through the site in exchange for either a one

time annual fee, or monthly payment that corresponds to your selected tier. Promotional

pricing offers must be paid via a one time annual fee. You will confirm your Tier selection

either in writing with your Live Well Kitsap representative, or by selecting your Tier option

on line. Options to upgrade to another tier are available at any time to the entity, however

a 30 day notice is required for billing purposes.






One promotional page, known as “promo page” which includes the name, location, contact

information of the entity, along with a photo of the members choosing and a link to their

website or social media page. A template will be used in order to provide a consistent look

to the LWK site. At Tier 2 and Tier 3, a 1-3 minute commercial video may be utilized on

your promo page in place of a photo.

A monthly newsletter with tips and insights on health and wellbeing along with practical

tips and tools to help you live a healthier life.

Blogs, chat rooms, and limited access to videos will also be available to be accessed for all

members. T2 and T3 will have full access to videos.

Discounts on ads you can purchase for display on the site, and/or in the newsletters.

Discounts on vendor or sponsorship fees for Live Well Kitsap community outdoor events.





Value Videos are 1-10 minute videos that Tier 2 members can create and have posted on the

site- after a vetting process. This allows entities to provide something of value to the

community and other members! Your entity may provide up to 2 videos a month, increasing

your exposure. These may not be commercials, but rather educational, motivational and/or

informative videos for the community. LWK reserves the right to refuse any videos that do not

meet our criteria – that is provide value- to the community. LWK will determine at its sole

discretion as to the appropriateness of the content and whether it meets our mission and



ATTEND ONE WEBINAR MONTHLY on a topic that is designed to enhance wellbeing, and/or

provide personal/professional growth opportunities. Additional Webinars and courses available

for purchase at a 20% discount off the regular advertised price.



20% off all Ads available for purchase on the site, in the newsletters, or both.

OPTION to showcase a video on the promo page in place of a still photo. This can be an

opportunity to showcase your entity in a 1-3 minute commercial video. This video will become

part of your promo page. Your video should be a quality video that will drive traffic to your

website and/or directly to your place of business.




PROMO PAGE with company 1-3 minute commercial video and prominent display of your

page on the site, along with your company or entity name, about us, link to your website or

social media page.


BLOGS- targeted to the issues and challenges facing Tier 3 entities

CHAT ROOMS/ FORUMS- With likeminded professionals connecting, supporting and

engaging with one another. These will be topic led, substantive, motivating, educational

opportunities for business owners, CEO’s, executives, leadership, teams and other staff to

share and glean meaningful ideas and information.

VALUE VIDEOS- unlimited videos can be created and submitted for the site monthly. These

will be posted after a vetting process. Live Well Kitsap reserves the right to refuse posting of videos that are deemed not to meet the criteria of providing value to the community and

/or which do not meet our mission and objectives.

UNLIMITED WEBINARS ON DEMAND- Targeted for CEO’s, executives, leadership teams

and managers as well as topics targeted for teams and front line staff .

GROUP COACHING – Live facilitated sessions for executives, leadership, teams or managers.

Two sessions a month will be available to participate.

SPONSORSHIP Status at Live Well Kitsap community outdoor events with a 30% discount

off the regular sponsorship fee.( choice of silver, gold or platinum levels).

30% off Ads available for purchase on the site and /or in the newsletters.

30% off courses for purchase.


This Agreement will be in effect for a period of one year and will have an optional annual

renewal from the date of purchase.


This Agreement may not be assigned to another entity. This agreement shall only be

between the named entity and Live Well Kitsap. Should a new point of contact or

authorized agent occur, the entity will inform Live Well Kitsap of a change in ownership or

authorized point of contact along with their contact information, if different ,in a

reasonable time after this change has occurred. Please email any changes in ownership or

point of contact to





Promo price Tier 1 $29.99/$359.88 | Tier 2 $69.99/$839.88 | Tier 3 $599.00/$7188.

(If join by Nov 30th)


Monthly fees Tier 1 $49.99/$599.88 | Tier 2 $99.99/$1199.88 | Tier 3 $999.00/$11,988.

(if pd. Monthly)


Monthly fees . Tier 1 $34.99/$419.88 | Tier 2 $79.99/$959.88 | Tier 3 $799.00/$9588.

(if paid one time annually.)



The entity and its authorized agent understand and agrees to a brief vetting process before

ensuring their membership on the LWK site. The vetting process is to ensure:

1.The entity is a legal entity, authorized to do business in the State of Washington.

2.The entity has no current or pending legal action against them.

3.There is not a significant number of complaints against them

4. The entity has responded appropriately and in a timely fashion to the complaints they

have received.


Please note: LWK will deny membership to any entity that has legal action pending against

them or their entity, has an unsavory or poor reputation for how they conduct business, or

has excessive or serious complaints against them. If your entity does not meet the criteria

for the integrity of the site and mission LWK wishes to maintain we will inform you in

writing that we are not accepting you as a member of the site. If Live Well Kitsap chooses to

decline your entity membership to the LWK site, you will receive notice in writing in a

timely manner once the vetting process has occurred, and all monies will be promptly





LWK encourages all members on the site to offer a special or discount that will drive traffic

to the entity’s promo page and will serve to encourage visitors to click on their promo page

to learn more.


All members are encouraged to track their own ROI; number of clicks and to create a

system whereby they can track who did business with them as a result of seeing them on

the LWK site. LWK makes no claims regarding your individual results or return on

investment. You accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your own results and

you understand that LWK shall not be held liable for your individual results including but

not limited to number of clicks, number of new customers or clients, amount of new

business or purchases, or increased profits. LWK makes no claims or guarantees and shall

not be held liable regarding closed business as a result of your entity being a member on

the LWK site.


Live Well Kitsap in good faith is supplying information, advice, coaching, consulting and

education regarding myriad of health and wellbeing as well as business related topics.

This information is intended to be a benefit to individuals, businesses and entities and is to

be utilized appropriately. Live Well Kitsap is not responsible, and you agree to not hold

LWK liable for how you use this information and the outcomes or consequences intended

or unintended, that may occur as a result. This is true whether the information was gleaned

from blogs, newsletters, webinars, chat rooms, forums, videos, coaching or in any manner

on or from the LWK site.




It is the desire of LWK to invite, support and connect businesses and entities who have

goods or services that enhance wellbeing to the site. You may be asked to engage in a brief

conversation or survey informing LWK how your entity fits with the LWK mission and

objectives. Your acceptance onto the site as a member is solely at the discretion of Live

Well Kitsap. If it is determined after vetting that your entity is not the appropriate fit with

our Mission, Values and Objectives, you will receive written notice in a reasonable period of

time, not more than two weeks, that we have declined your membership to the site. Any

monies paid will be promptly refunded.




If you are not completely satisfied with your member experience, we want to know. Please

send any issues, problems, complaints or dissatisfactions directly to us at Live Well Kitsap

by emailing We will make every effort to remedy that which is

within our control, to enhance your member experience on the LWK site.





You as an authorized agent in good standing to do business in the State of Washington

agree to provide goods and /or services that truly provide value to the community and to

consistently behave and interact on the site in a considerate and professional manner. You

also agree that your staff, representatives, employees and others associated with your

entity will be held to the same standards.


The Live Well Kitsap site is created to be a positive, supportive, educational place to

promote and support businesses, entities, agencies, non profits, churches, restaurants,

café’s etc. in Kitsap community. Please read our infringement policies, take down policies

and privacy policies attached to this agreement.


By clicking yes, and /or paying the first month or annual fee to Live Well Kitsap represents

your agreement with each and all of these provisions in the LWK member agreement.