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Self-Care for Wellness

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As a student of self-care, for years I have felt that the next paradigm in healing will be Energy Medicine. A few years ago I was introduced to the "FDA cleared" a US Class 2 Medical device, the Denas-PCM 6 which uses SCENAR technology (Self-Controlled-Energen-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator). I purchased one out of curiosity not fully knowing its capabilities. I watched training webinars and learned it could aid in self-repair like reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to an area. For me it has aided in relieving night leg cramps, reduced back pain, relieved headaches, helped sinuses, and even aided in 2 spider bites which my body adversely reacted to - no Rx needed! It's a simple and powerful tool. If purchased through me, you will receive unlimited training via webinars as it does have a learning curve. I feel every household would benefit from having a Denas, it's as basic as having a personal thermometer. Let's talk first so you gain a better understanding of what it is and what it can do for you and your family.

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