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How Are You Managing Your Stress?

There is no shortage of bad news out there. Sadly, While pandemic woes seem to be subsiding here for now, that is not the case in many other places. We are seeing the fallout of poor and poisonous decisions play out on the world stage, and we know that as much as we look forward to better weather, it also brings with it the consequences of the destruction of our planet; worsening tornadoes, fire seasons and storms.

There is a lot to be concerned about. And much of it is beyond our control. That is the hardest part. We feel the effects of these things yet we often do not have a lot of influence or control over them.

Additionally, most households are running at a pace that is also inherently stressful. Trying to balance work, relationships, schedules, self care… what is that last one you say? Self care- who has time for that?

The reality is all of these things are taking a toll on we humans in the form of increased stress, sickness, sadness and difficulty managing it all including managing ourselves and our stress levels.

For business owners, we have added layers of worry and decisions that can put us over the edge. For most of us, our businesses demand our attention daily. The decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions matter now more than ever.

Today, what if we focus on just pausing and considering how you might help to manage yourself more effectively and manage all that stress you are carrying around that simply serves to make you feel tired, irritable, sick and unhappy.

Here’s some ideas for busy business owners:

1. Pause three times a day to just breathe deeply. Try this first thing upon awakening, again when you break for lunch, and just upon getting into bed. This one tool in your stress relieving tool box can go a long way to restore the feeling of calm to your body and brain.

2. Make a list of what you can control or influence. This list is imperative because it reminds you that there are things you can control and that is where to put your time and energy. Whether you decide to get the kiddos on a better schedule and form a more consistent bedtime routine to allow you some alone time in the evenings, or whether you create a more effective work flow, there are always things you CAN control.

3. Be willing to reach out and ask for help. Whether you need tangible help from a staff member or advice from your business partner or even other business owners, it is important to realize that when we utilize the talents and expertise of others we can feel less stressed and more supported in our business and life in general. Stop thinking you have to have all the answers all the time and do everything yourself. That is a sure fire way to invite a lot more stress into your life.

4. Hire a professional business/ wellness coach. Many times we spin our wheels needlessly because we are either doing things the same way we always have and getting the same (unwanted) result, or because we don’t have the tools to think and function differently that would produce our desired outcomes. Seeking assistance is one way to finally get over obstacles that have kept us stuck. There are many professionals out there who can assist you in a myriad of areas that can help you grow both personally and professionally and get your business back on track.

5. Engage in some kind of regular self care. Even doing a physical activity 3 times a day for 10 minutes can make a big difference to mood, energy and outlook. Get up from your desk, and take a walk, or do some yoga poses. Keep an exercise bike or treadmill near or in your office if possible. Taking these mini breaks and moving your body has many benefits, so rather than tell yourself you don’t have time to work out, just find a way to do it that feels more manageable.

Stress is going to be with us- it’s the circumstances that come and go. Learning to manage ourselves and engage in some kind of regular self care is imperative if we are going to enjoy our lives and manage ourselves well. You are the only one who can determine that your life, health, family and business are worth it!



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