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How to Celebrate Valentines Without Blowing the Budget

Written by guest blogger and Live Well Kitsap business member, Deanna O’Neal.

Note- while we are aware this info would have been appreciated prior to 2/14, we consider that the ideas expressed here are enduring and… everything valentine themed is on sale today so you may choose to take advantage of the blow out prices letting your loved one know how much you appreciate them every day!

Love is in the air, or maybe it’s just for sale at the stores.

Have you ever noticed the price of roses increases the closer you get to Feb. 14? Does purchasing all this actually show your significant other how much you love them or does it just show them how much you can spend on them?

Valentine’s Day comes every February 14 with hearts, chocolates, stuffed animals, and flowers all with a significant markup, especially this year. Inflation has hit us all hard in so many ways and will continue through this year. As we look towards all the holidays in 2023, we need to be a little more mindful on our spending.

Are there ways to show your love and not break the bank? Absolutely, and yes, they are meaningful and easy too.

Here are a few inexpensive Valentine’s gifts ideas for everyone to indulge in.

  • Have a candlelight picnic with takeout (indoors if still cold) rather than going to an expensive restaurant.

  • Go on a nature walk to see the beauty all around rather than buying flowers.

  • Swap kid sitting with another couple to have a nice dinner at home in peace and quiet.

  • Make a homemade card instead of buying one for $5+.

  • Have dinner somewhere different in your house – sometimes just doing something different can be special (even if it’s the laundry room).

  • Do a chore (or 2) your significant other normally does. Bonus points if it’s a specific task they have been putting off for a while now.

  • Make a homemade treat. It’ll mean more and probably taste better than store-bought chocolates.

  • Take 5 mins with your partner and write down three things you love about them and they about you on separate pieces of paper. Hide them around the house in places they will find them later.

  • If you do go out for dinner, skip the drinks and bring a bottle of wine home from the store. Markup on wine and other alcohol is incredibly high at restaurants.

  • Before purchasing anything, ask yourself, is there something else I can do that would mean more?

The most important thing is spending quality time together. The more you spend on gifts, the more financial stress you put into a holiday about love. Take time this Valentine’s Day to bring a little financial wellness into your relationship by skipping the trinkets and flowers and truly expressing your gratitude for your partner/spouse/significant other. Make it about more than gifts, make it about caring and love.

Deanna O'Neal, AFC® As an Accredited Financial Counselor working in the financial education field for the last 20 years, Deanna brings a wealth of ideas, information, and color into the financial sphere. She is the owner of Ki Financial, LLC and currently works as a financial coach and advisor for small business and individuals looking to improve their financial wellness.



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