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Spring into Intentionally Managing Your Stress 

As the weather slowly shifts into more sunshine and daylight grows longer, it can be easy to just keep adding more and more on your already busy plate.


While some of those added activities may be in the fun column, some might just be adding busyness to your already overloaded calendar.


How are you intentionally managing your stress levels as a busy business owner or leader?


Are you letting the stresses of your business pile up throughout the day and then bringing your stressed out self home to your family?


There are better ways of managing stress than to bring it home with you and unloading it on the people around you.


You have the power to create a more calm, peaceful you regardless of your circumstances and the stress or stress triggers that have accumulated throughout your day.


Since we know you are busy, we’ll just include the ones that take 5 minutes or less and save the tools and techniques that are over 5 minutes for another day.   Below is a compilation of stress managing tactics and activities that others have done with success. Choose the ones that make the most sense for you and then plug them into your schedule with an open mind and a curious attitude!


Ø   Pause and Deep Breathe for 2 -4 minutes

Ø  Move away from your desk, and Deep Breathe

Ø  Move outside of your home office and go take a short walk

Ø  Make a cup of mint or stress relief tea

Ø  Do a brain game- puzzle or app

Ø  Color in an adult coloring book

Ø  Make an entry in your Gratitude Journal

Ø  Write down your most pressing problem and 3-5 possible solutions

Ø  Strike a few yoga poses

Ø  Turn on some soothing or upbeat music

Ø  Break out into dance

Ø  Picture your child’s face and think how they deserve a present parent

Ø  Engage in massaging your temples, face and neck

Ø  Learn EFT or bi-lateral tapping and then practice it daily

Ø  Eat some dark chocolate slowly and be present with it.

Ø  Pet a dog or cat

Ø  Recall a pleasant memory that makes you smile

Ø  Make yourself laugh out loud. Like a belly laugh

Ø  Create a joyful visual in your minds’ eye while you breathe deeply

Ø  Imagine how you will feel after your current problem is resolved

Ø  Splash water on your face, wash your hands, or take a quick shower

Ø  Smell something lovely like lavender essential oil or actual flowers

Ø  Take a pause and be still



These are all things that are available to you to incorporate into your daily busy life so that you are intentional to manage your stress and not allow it to have all your power or to consume your day to the point where you are depleted by the time you are ready to be with your partner or children.


You have this one precious life.  Treat your mind and body well so that the stress monster does not rob you of precious meaningful moments with those you love.


You may also find that you are more creative and more present in your business or organization so that you can accomplish more with increased creativity in less time since our brains often work better when we are generally feeling more calm and at ease.


Enjoy the peace and presence this new habit can create for you when you practice even one or two of these suggested activities daily.



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