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Why Working on Your Healing is SO Important

I am a Certified Counselor and Certified Brain Health Coach.  I am in the mental health field, but more importantly, I am in the healing field.   I get to do what I love nearly every day - be on a healing journey with my clients.


If there is one theme that has emerged in my work with clients,it is that we all need healing.

Whether you are someone that was abused, neglected, endured a traumatic event ( or events) or witnessed abuse with a family member, those experiences stay with us.


A common myth I hear people say either about their own situation, or that of someone they know is “that happened a long time ago, so you ( or I ) should be over it.”


But that is not how it works when it comes to woundedness and trauma. Those experiences influence and shape us and depending on when they occur can also literally change how our brain develops.


Adverse childhood  experiences do not “just go away with time” and they certainly can have a tremendous influence on driving our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.


Ever ask yourself why you keep doing things that you know are not good for you? You might find yourself asking the following:

Why do I keep picking abusive, toxic or selfish, demanding or inconsiderate partners?

Why do I stay in my dead end job that I hate?

What makes me stay in that friendship when I suspect my friend is gossiping about me behind my back?

Why do I tolerate mediocre when I could have great?

Why do I eat myself into oblivion when I am feeling sad, inadequate or lonely?

What keeps me from asking for that promotion, starting my book, or going for what I really want?


I would offer, more often than not, it is unidentified and unhealed wounds from your past.


We know so much more now about the effects of trauma on the brain and body.   It is never too late to find out more about why you think the way you do, tolerate what you do, have negative self talk, addictive or self sabotaging behaviors.   Help and healing are available to you.


You do not have to stay stuck in your patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving.


There are so many options – people and professionals that can come along side you on your healing journey.  Many of them can be found right here in Kitsap!  So many people who are ready and able to help you with what your particular issues or wounds are.  Here are many that can be found on the Live Well Kitsap site!  Go to


A Better Path Coaching- Amy Jackson. Provides help with weight loss and nutrition


Emotion code- Margaret Loveless.  Helps with traumatic memories/ energy


Bemer- Monica Batchelor. Induces Calm by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system


Ascend Healthcare- Emily Ruckman. Offers some mental health services


Mission House-  Faith based  Addiction Recovery for men through  community projects


Anne Peters Coaching- Anne Peters. Help for sexual abuse recovery.


Optimal Wellness Consulting- Lesli D-T.  Integrative holistic counseling/ Brain Health Education


Equilibrium Natural Health- Cy Fisher ND.  Offers some mental health services


Raising Healthy Eaters- Winni W.  Nutritional support for good mental health.


Silverdale Wellness Center- Emotional/ Mental/ Physical support through varies modalities


If you are someone that recognizes you are feeling stuck- whether you are stuck in looping patterns of thought, anxiety, depression, or just realizing you are making choices in your life that do not serve you, we at Live Well Kitsap hope you will reach out to a caring provider that can help you heal and break free from old thoughts and patterns that are holding you back from experiencing freedom, joy and good health.  


Reach out today at To learn more about any of these professionals / entities and more.


Your health and wellbeing matters.  You have a community to support you!


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