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Need A Mood Boost? Break out of Routines and Enjoy Kitsap!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

How many times a day would you say you notice both your energy and mood wane? How often do you chalk it up to “that’s just how it is”?

How often do you feel like you are in a rut from roles, responsibilities and routines that serve to keep you feeling stuck or stressed out?

Perhaps you are in need of some selfcare.

We all say yes to certain things- like starting a business, or working for a certain company, or being a partner or parent. Inherently, those things we’ve said yes to come with certain roles and responsibilities. There’s getting kids off to school on time, getting to work on time, or getting a project done and often there is little time left for breaking out of the ruts that can weigh us down, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or relationally.

Additionally, we can feel stressed by the sheer overwhelm of it all. Routines are great in that they allow us to be productive and they provide predictability as well. (This explains why so many of us felt “off” during the worst of the shutdown and subsequent quarantine that describes our lives for much of the last two years.)

Roles and responsibilities will be with us- that is not a bad thing. What becomes difficult and problematic is when we have said yes to so many things and people that we are stretched so thin, we are about to snap. It is not sustainable to go go go and never refuel or replenish.

Fortunately, we live in an amazing area surrounded by so much beauty, and many interesting fun things to do that offer a break from all those routines. I encourage you today to consider how you might “break out” and schedule some time in Kitsap to just cut loose, relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy a change of scenery so you can come back to all those responsibilities energized and ready to give them all your best.

Here’s some of our best ideas:

1. Take a walk in any of our beautiful parks. In Silverdale visit the Waterfront park, or you can enjoy a stroll in Poulsbo at Liberty Bay Waterfront Park. Bremerton has Evergreen Park and there are so many more parks all over Kitsap. Just leaving the familiar walls of your home or office and taking a walk in nature regardless of the weather can feel wonderful and uplifting. Whether you go alone or meet up with a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member, this is one way to help your body and brain feel and function better while improving your energy and mood.

2. Contact the Greater Kitsap Chamber or Greater Kitsap Visitor Center for ideas on places all around Kitsap to have some fun, enjoy nature and learn where some local businesses are that can help you Live Well and that will feel good for you to support local!

3. Go get a relaxation massage. There are many fine places around Kitsap that offer a much needed relaxing break like Shanti Living Wellness in Poulsbo for example. Therapeutic massage can be both healing and relaxing and helps us to just pause out of the busyness of life and enjoy some self care and rejuvenation.

4. Hoof it around Kitsap. Many years ago when I was a single mom with three kids on a tight budget, I learned that seeing any town or city in Kitsap on foot offers a unique and fun perspective. You can see things you don’t ordinarily notice when you are whizzing by in your car. Walking around in Kitsap is fun to do solo or with your kiddos or a friend.

5. Hit the Gym- We have amazing options in Kitsap through The Haselwood or Bremerton Family YMCA’s as well as additional options like Snap Fitness in Poulsbo and Silverdale. Getting a mood boost is a natural bi product of working out. And if you are not a “gym person” just hit the pavement and walk or jog in some different neighborhoods or areas. Take in and enjoy the unfamiliar views.

6. Visit someplace new like the Kitsap Regional Library, or a museum. It is easy to take the things near where we live for granted, but there are so many fun shops, cafes, painting studios, art galleries and museums that allow you to take a fun and creative break.

7. Take a hike or leisurely walk. There are so many beautiful places to see like enjoying a stroll on the beautiful Clear Creek Trail or hiking up to Dickerson Falls, or Green Mountain to name a few. Nature has a way of naturally slowing us down and provides some much needed opportunity for rejuvenating.

Getting a change of scenery and doing something out of your normal routine is critical for your health and wellbeing. Selfcare ought not be something you do when you have time or if you get around to it. We all benefit from intentional mental health breaks and we have so much beauty around us in Kitsap to enjoy. Make today the day that you schedule a needed break. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the fresh Pacific Northwest air. You will reap the benefits of enjoying all this area has to offer while improving your own wellbeing.

Are you looking for other people in Kitsap to improve your health and wellbeing? A community to connect with? Local businesses that offer great ways to improve your wellbeing in every way? Look no further. You have a community you can tap into at Live Well Kitsap. Join our free community group:


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