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Reducing Stress as a Business Leader in 3 Easy Steps

Ever think how less stressful your life might be if you had not chosen the life as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, leader, or manager?

Do you dream of no longer having employee hassles, customers complaining, or supply chain issues that seem to increase your stress and decrease your capacity to enjoy your life?

The reality is we all have some stress. Some stress is necessary and good for us. With that said, too much stress can make us feel fatigued, wear down our immune system, make us irritable at home and at work and serve to rob us of productivity and the enjoyment of our own life.

Here’s three ideas to begin to think about your stress differently, and shift out of the mindset of “this is just the way it is” and “I’m going to be insanely stressed out forever…”


Cave time means time when you completely unplug. In order to do something and feel something different, it will require you to press “pause” and decompress. You might start with only 5 minutes. Remind yourself this is a necessary step towards getting off the rat wheel and becoming more intentional about how you navigate your life. When you first take this time, put all work aside and just breathe. Deeply breathe, through your nose and out your mouth. Notice the feel of the air, and what it feels like to let go of tension and stress as you slowly and steadily breathe out.

-CONSIDER WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO THAT MOVES YOUR BODY AND SCHEDULE IT. This could be anything from taking a walk, spending time in green space jogging or hiking, playing golf, tennis, pickleball or swimming. Whether it's yoga or anything else on the list, it must allow for moving your body and getting away from your office. Movement equals an increase in circulation, bringing better blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your body and brain. This can help you feel and function better, so that when you return to work you are likely to experience increased focus, energy and enhanced mood.

REMIND YOURSELF THAT SOME STRESS IS ESSENTIAL AND TOO MUCH IS DETRIMENTAL, SO TUNE INWARDLY AND DO A BODY SCAN / MENTAL SCAN DAILY TO ASSESS. Doing a body / mental scan is easy, painless and can be done in 60 seconds or less. Start at the top of your head. Notice any sensations of tension, achiness, or stress. Move down to your neck, shoulders and upper back. What do you notice there? What clues is your gut giving you at the moment? Does it feel tense, in knots, or otherwise not at ease? Notice your breath- is it shallow or are you holding it? How are you feeling mentally/ emotionally? Stressed? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? The sooner you can identify any of that the sooner you can intervene with some calming techniques including deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Stress is here to stay. Learning how to manage it makes you a more effective business owner or leader for yourself, your health and wellbeing and is also the gift you give to those around you who are experiencing you.

Leaders who take the time to self manage well, are leaders who generally have better run organizations, fewer problems with employees, enjoy greater focus and productivity and report feeling more in control of their life, business and health.

Lastly, if you have difficulty accomplishing this on your own, there are several great life / business/ wellness coaches on the Live Well Kitsap site. Go to to find one.



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