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  1. In order to participate in the event, you will need to sign up on the site to become a community member if you have not done so yet. This is free. Simply go to and Member Log in. Click on sign up. You will be asked to create a password. Now you can interact on the site, like and share our blogs, talk to us in the forum and receive our weekly newsletters.   

  2. Only those who have signed up under “LWK Transformation Event" or existing members are eligible to participate in the LWK 7 week transformation event.( clicking on subscribe will get you our newsletters,  but will not allow you to interact with us on the site.)

  3. The event is free to participate - we ask that you tell your friends, family and coworkers so they can benefit also!

  4. There is a drawing at the end of each transformation week for prizes. In order to participate in the drawing, you must post telling us how this past weeks transformation activities have impacted your life, health or relationships. Post in the LWK community wellbeing forum at

  5. We will only accept forum posts to enter the drawing. You have until Sunday @ midnight to post that week. 

  6. While purchase is not required at any of the businesses, we do ask you to please support suggested local businesses with a purchase when possible.

  7. Only one post per person per week will be accepted.

  8. The official kick off is September 29th

  9. You are responsible to observe mask wearing, and social distancing in every business/ entity you frequent.  Please do your part to protect those in the community.

  10. We also encourage you to download the things to do daily, tips and tools for success, and read the blogs and newsletters for relevant information.

  11. You must be 18 years or older to enter the drawing for prizes. 

  12. Live Well Kitsap, it’s owner, affiliates,  staff  or independent contractors, will not be held responsible  or liable if you choose to begin an exercise program that causes harm to you or those in your home, and shall be held harmless should any injury or harm occur as a result of your choice to engage in the 6 week transformation.  Live Well Kitsap is offering this transformation event for free to the community to enhance wellbeing and support local businesses.  You are responsible for your own choices and actions and the consequences thereof. You agree to not take legal action of any kind against Live Well Kitsap or its parent company for any unintended consequences as a result of your choice to participate in the LWK transformation event. We encourage all participants to know your limits and check with a physician if needed before starting any exercise program. 


By signing up and registering for the transformation event you agree to these terms.

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