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Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

At Live Well Kitsap we are embracing our spiritual side this week as we focus on week 3 of the FREE Online Transformation Wellbeing Event. ( You can still register at

Many business owners compartmentalize the important aspects of their life into separate “boxes”. There is the family box or compartment, work or business, health and wellbeing, social and community, financial box and perhaps the spiritual compartment which is often only accessed on Sundays.

But if we want to live well, we learn that all these parts of us, i.e., compartments all affect one another. If I have faith, and I am a business owner how can those two parts integrate better?

There is a great book called Convergence by Brett Johnson, which has the premise that our life can be fully integrated and often goes better when we realize that our Purpose, Passion, Talents and Strengths as well as our work can all be integrated with intention. In other words our career, community, creativity and calling are not treated as separate boxes, but rather converge together consistently.

Our work allows us to live out our gifts and talents. Our business allows us to serve the community. These are not separate pieces, but rather it is important to understand how all these pieces come together and more important to be intentional about how you want them to come together.

If you are clear on your mission and purpose for owning your business- you have clarity as to WHY you are in THIS particular business, and you strive to make it something that is not only profitable, but also something that blesses people’s lives- your customers, clients, and staff, than you are already on your way to integrating your core values (including spiritual values) into your business.

Here’s some other ideas and questions to consider as well.

1. Do you believe that your faith is already part of your business? Do you make any business decision through prayer and contemplation? Do you ensure that your decisions are in alignment with your personal values and core mission? Do the people who work for you know what you stand for? Is this evident to them by the way you conduct yourself and the way you treat people?

2. Do you put people ahead of profits or vice versa? How do you show up on a daily basis? How do you treat people in your organization when it really matters- when you are stressed out, when things are not going well or people are not “doing it right”? Are you able to exemplify the core tenets of your faith or spiritual practices?

3. Do you recognize that you and your team all have gifts that are unique to you/them that can be utilized further for the benefit of the business and all those you serve? If you see those gifts through a spiritual lens, might you come to appreciate them more? How might you help others build on those gifts and strengths for their benefit and the benefit of others?

Being a spiritual entrepreneur can mean many things. It may mean stopping to pause and see a challenging situation through the lens of your faith. It may mean pausing to pray before answering an important question. Or it may mean significant prayer time before making a major game changing decision.

Only you can make the decision to not leave your spiritual life or faith in a box until Sunday. Rather, enjoy the benefits and blessings of resurrecting your faith to be a part of everyday life as a business owner or organizational leader. When you let faith lead, you just may discover that your business grows while your stress diminishes as well… just one more benefit of being a spiritual entrepreneur.


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