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Are You Thinking About The Purpose and Mission of your Organization?

When is the last time you paused all of your daily business to do’s to ponder your organization’s mission? Has it been longer than a day or two? Last week? Last month or year? Or perhaps you have not visited the issue of purpose and mission since the time you first dreamt that you wanted to start your business.

The purpose of your business is your “Why”. Why did you go into business and why “this” business?

Mission is more goal oriented. What are we attempting to accomplish, and then why does it matter? How will your mission make a difference in people’s lives?

Here’s three good reasons to keep your purpose and mission alive and well in your organization.

1. When you have your mission and purpose front and center it will guide your business decisions.

2. If you have employees - articulating your mission and purpose can be a game changer that helps them understand the bigger picture and the role they play in it. That can make a big difference between employees that are engaged, and those that are just there picking up a paycheck.

3. When you keep your mission and purpose front and center, your clients and customers will know what it is and that is motivation for them to support you and your organization.

1.Keeping your mission and purpose front and center ( along with your core values) can serve to help you in big and small business decisions daily. When it’s time to make the hard decisions, you can ask yourself, is this decision aligned with our mission and purpose? This is one of the quickest and most beneficial ways to guide your decision making of what to say yes to and what to say no to.

2. When employees understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish in your business ( aside from the obvious profitability) it can serve to help them be motivated to go the extra mile. When people feel their role in the bigger mission and purpose matters, they want to contribute and go the extra mile. If they cannot see or know your mission or purpose, they will only see a paycheck. This can affect your rate of employees looking for the exit, vs. those who stay and are engaged.

3 Tell your story about what your purpose and mission is to the outside world. When your customers and clients know why your organization exists and what it is trying to accomplish they are more likely to support you and help you get the word out.

The next time you think you don’t have time to consider or reconsider your mission and purpose, rethink the time it takes to just check in with yourself and more specifically define what these are for you. Then consider how you tell your story to both your employees and your current and future customers or clients.

Never lose sight of your story and always keep your WHY close to your heart.


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