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Better Energy Awaits You With Shifts in Key Areas

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Ever Notice how some people get through the day with seemingly as much energy at the end of the day as they had in the beginning? They have an abundance of energy that propels them forward and enables them to enjoy both work and recreation.

And then there’s the rest of us… where often by midday our energy has taken a sabbatical and we are left wondering why we feel like a balloon that just got the air let out.

While I think it’s safe to say we’d all like a little more energy, many of us with lagging energy have just come to expect that this is the new norm. We often tell ourselves a story that sounds something like, “I just can’t get it all done,” or “I’m older now”, or “there is nothing I can do that will make a difference; this is just the way it is.”

Rather than accept these stories as truths, what if we questioned them? With willingness to shift your mindset and make baby step changes, you can enjoy increased energy, greater focus and a greater command of both your time and energy.

Let’s start with energy. We all have things that tend to rob us of energy – things we often don’t think twice about. However, these very things have a profound effect in zapping our energy.

I call these energy robbers because they are like a thief robbing us of time, focus, productivity and joy.

Here are 8 Energy Robbers to consider: Focus on one of these at a time.

  1. SLEEP- Going to bed too late, getting up too early, poor sleep, lack of sleep, or erratic sleep – actually hurts your brain and causes you to feel sluggish as well as experience slower thinking and reaction time. Lack of sleep robs you of feeling your best! The adult human brain and body need a solid 7 to 8 hours of shuteye. While many of us skimp on sleep in order to get more done, the unintended consequence is we will likely be less productive and experience lethargy and irritability as a result.

  2. EXERCISE- Or lack of it. When we are not moving our bodies daily, that makes us sluggish. If we are not moving/ exercising day after day we will most likely see a subtle but ongoing decline in our energy. Lack of exercise also leaves our brain struggling to function well so mood swings, and /or feeling more sad or depressed can result as well. If you want more energy schedule in a daily workout!

  3. DISTRACTION- When we let other people’s “monkeys” jump onto our shoulder and begin to think that all those monkeys are ours, we get taken off course with our own agenda and objectives for the day and end up in the weeds instead of on the path. Additionally, some people are naturally prone to distraction. There are things you can do to help with that including supplements, behavioral therapy, changing your environment etc. If needed, see a professional coach or counselor to help you with this if either boundary setting or constant distractions are causing unnecessary frustration.

  4. SCREEN TIME- Too much of it, especially first thing in the morning, robs us of energy, intention and focus. Do not pick your phone up within the first 30 minutes of your morning. Get up, pray, meditate, or write in a gratitude journal. Be intentional in starting your day. Allow for breaks throughout the day if you must be on screens often for school or work. Too much time on screens is exhausting.

  5. EATING THE WRONG STUFF OR NOT EATING AT ALL- Eating sugary cereals or candy or crappy bars first thing just serves to spike your sugar, likely causing irritability, or mood swings and blood sugar imbalance. If you eat like this all day, skipping meals or eating sugar throughout the day, it is likely you will end up with sugar/ energy spikes followed by periods of falling off the cliff… skipping meals bottoms out your sugar levels. Eating some protein at every meal and eating frequently throughout the day helps create the environment for sustained energy.

  6. TOXIC OR DIFFICULT PEOPLE- Are definitely energy robbers as they will zap your emotional and mental capabilities quickly if left unchecked; that is if you spend too much time with them, and /or do not set boundaries. See if you might learn some better boundary or communication tools to see if your relationships can become safer and healthier. Keep in mind- improving relationships is a two way street, so whether we are talking friend, partner, spouse, boss, etc. if a relationship feels strained, difficult or toxic, take some time to figure out why and ask yourself what you may be contributing that may be adding to the difficulty. As a general rule, spend time with people who you feel energized around as much as possible.

  7. DISORGANIZATION / CLUTTER -Can cause us to spin our wheels all day long as we try to find things, or space to work. If our environment is not conducive to feeling open and organized, we may find it more challenging to be productive and energetic. If we are constantly muddling around just to find the next thing we need, we are going to waste a lot of precious time and energy. Organize your home or workspace and declutter. Hire a professional if needed to assist you.


Once you begin to learn to manage each of these areas, you will create the right environment for your body and brain to work in chorus to enhance your energy and wellbeing.

We encourage you to focus and tackle one of these eight areas at a time. Don’t overwhelm your self by taking on too big of a bite all at once.

Consider what you might do with all that good energy!! Would you be able to increase your productivity? Play with kids or grandkids longer and with more patience? Feel stronger and more in control of your life? Once you have your “Why” you want more energy, then you can focus on “Which” area to tackle first.

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