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Business Owners – Create More Balance in the New Year 

Are you tired of the struggle? The one where it feels like if you spend too much time with your business, your home life seems to suffer?  But if you start spending more time at home and with family, it feels like you are not tending to your business?


It is not a good feeling either way.  And it’s not a feeling that needs to continue either.  You can learn to manage yourself differently, which is really what needs to happen if you are going to be present at home, and able to give your best to your business as well. 


What is one thing that you might do differently this year?  Below are some ideas we have for you!


Since we know you are busy, just  choose one thing from this list, and begin to execute it right away. Once it becomes habit, then choose something else from the list.


1.     Go to bed and wake up the same time each day. This helps to set your body clock (circadian rhythm) so you can feel and function at your best.

2.     Schedule your Days- I create a 40 day schedule.  This ensures that I have factored in all my roles and responsibilities in addition to the things I want to do. All of that lives on my schedule. When the calendar turns over to the next month I already scheduled all the important stuff for the first 10 days.  Then I reassess to see if there are any needed changes, and then make the next 40 day schedule.

3.     Investigate People’s Talents and Strengths- Once you become curious about others both at home and in your business then you can restructure to see what someone else can take over that would free you up and allow them to utilize their strengths.

4.     Get into a Good Routine.  Start with what time of day you will do a fitness activity. That should be a “fixed brick” in your calendar.  Then schedule in order of importance.  Keep  routines as much as possible to create efficient use of your time.

5.     Piggy back your schedule.  If you don’t have a brick and morter office or store, then consider scheduling meetings back to back at a local coffee shop for example.  Set the number of days and times you want to take meetings, and block off those times.

6.     Think of your Business as having departments.  Even if you are a small or micro business owner, especially if you are wearing a lot of hats… start blocking off time for specific departments- you may have a need to schedule sales or prospecting time, admin time, strategic thinking time, etc.

7.     Connect with your community of business owners.  Sometimes talking with other business owners and learning more about how they schedule their time, how they juggle all their responsibilities can give us more tips and ideas for self and time management.

8.     Make Community a priority.   Just connecting with people and being curious about their stories, connecting with other business owners… it checks off many boxes in terms of our need for social support and contacts and through investing time in our community we may find new friends, business partners, strategic partners to cross promote with, and we just may add a little fun into our lives as well.


Use this list as a starting point to manage yourself and your business and see the big picture through a different lens.   You have a brand new start so make the most of it by being intentional and strategic about how you navigate your life, health, relationships and business.


Enjoy the journey!


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