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Did We Think We’d Have More Time Working from Home?

I’ve heard from four people this week, how they don’t have time for …. Fill in the blank. The blank could be anything from self care, getting to the grocery store, cooking a healthy meal, playing with their kids, joining a group that could be beneficial for them, or taking on one single more thing.

Wasn’t the silver lining of the pandemic that we WERE home more and therefore would have more time to get more things done? So what is happening that nearly everyone’s bandwidth is so short?

I’ve asked this question of myself and a few others. Here’s some of what I’ve come up with.

1. We’re all a little bit stressed. Ok. A lot stressed. And with added stress comes things like rushing, feeling like we're constantly behind the eight ball- the next to do, the next task that demands something from us. We lose our ability to focus and prioritize.

2. We think we have “more time” so we act like we have an unlimited supply when we don’t. The pandemic took away commute time for many of us, but instead of enjoying the “extra time” we humans are quick to fill it. Just like research tells us we will fill up our dinner plate ‘til we have no more space, we fill up our calendar in much the same way.

3. We are not good at saying no, or not now. So when our twelve year old wants us to stop and do the laundry because she “has to” wear her favorite outfit tomorrow, we stop what we are doing and begin a load. We perceive that to be the “easier” route rather than argue, tell her no, or hey, here’s the soap- wash your clothes.

4. We suck at boundaries in general. Many of us have a hard time setting boundaries. Boundaries equal being mean, aggressive or unlikable. Or at least that is the lie many believe. Boundaries in fact are the way to protect your time, your stress levels and your wellbeing. A life with boundaries is a life that feels more in control. It may feel awkward at first, but setting boundaries is a big ticket to freedom.

5. We often don’t organize, plan and strategize how to manage our time well. When this happens we bounce from one random thing to the next rather than grouping like activities together or creating a strategic schedule based on our values, needs and responsibilities. (for more info on this contact us at

You don’t have to keep living life like you are running a marathon on a treadmill.

In fact, it's not good for you, your health, work or relationships.

Now, go take a nice deep breath in through your nose, and out your mouth. Start your strategic schedule while taking a nice hot lavender bath. Breathe.



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