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Feeling Like Work Life Balance is Unreachable?

So many business owners and leaders in the last 18 months or so have reported feeling an overwhelming amount of stress and have shared that they feel that work/life/health/family balance is impossible to achieve.

We at Live Well Kitsap understand the delicate balancing act it takes to live well in the midst of all the roles and responsibilities - essentially hats that business owners and leaders wear.

Each day can seem like one endless dead run where our morning is high adrenalin out of the gate, meals are skipped, exercise is barely a thought, and someone in our world is left wanting of our time and attention. This is true for many people and especially working parents.

We won’t say it is easy, or that these feelings will go away quickly, but we can confidently say that there are small steps that you can take to make a big difference in allowing your busy life to feel more in your control.

Here’s a few things to consider.

  1. How Do You Think about Attaining Balance? Have you told yourself that it’s impossible to achieve? That this is just “how it is” and you’ll just have to “grin and bear it?” If that is the case, your brain will believe you and you will stop looking for solutions and potential small step changes that could actually make a difference.

  2. Pause Long Enough to Breathe and Regroup- This might mean taking a half day off to reorganize your work area so you can be more productive, schedule a social outing with a friend to decompress and share ideas for better living, or just relax and get a break from it all.

  3. Consider Who the Important People are that You Do Not Want to Sacrifice. Is it your child? Schedule a one -on -one special time same day weekly. Is it your partner? Schedule a date night and focus on your partner for those hours to reconnect and have some fun. Is it your colleague or business partner? Schedule time weekly same day and time to ensure consistent communication. Then work everything else around these “fixed bricks” in your schedule.

  4. Schedule Some YOU Time. While it may seem you don’t have time, focus on creative ways of making this time. Are you a stay-at-home mom also running a business? Buy a stroller that allows you to jog/ brisk walk with your little one so you can both get a change of scenery. Do yoga in your living room in 15 minute increments during breaks throughout your day. The extra deep breathing and increase in circulation will help you function with greater clarity. The strength, balance and flexibility that is derived from the practice of yoga all provide great added benefits. Try a class at your local Y, or go on You Tube and find some instruction.

  5. Hire a Life / Health/ Business Coach who can Assist You! Sometimes our stress and stuck thoughts prevent us from coming up with new solutions. Hiring a Coach or Consultant who is skilled in asking you the questions that can help you chart a different course can be just what is needed. Many offer an initial consultation to see if they are a good fit for you and your personal /professional needs. Find options on and also

We only have this one journey of life. If we are constantly stressed and feeling overwhelmed we are likely not being effective at home / at work or in our business.

Stress is here to stay pandemic or not, however we can make small step changes that help us manage both our time (schedule) and stress so we can be more productive, enjoy better quality relationships, and enjoy our life again.



Sign Up Today at and invite a friend, co worker, colleague or staff to join with you. Everything you need is found on the site- a downloadable tracker, an A/E buddy worksheet for you and your challenge buddy, along with daily challenge activities sent straight into your inbox. We also feature local businesses each weekthat can help you live well and accomplish your health goals! Daily activities are designed to fit with your busy schedule!! Register TODAY! Challenge begins Oct. 15th.


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