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Food, Mood and Energy. What is the link?

Ever sit down to a big meal or a big gut bomb and notice that after you eat you feel full, and a bit sluggish? Ever sit down to a big salad and/or a beautiful array of veggies, fruits and nuts and notice that you feel energized afterwards?

If either of those scenarios describe your experience then you know first hand how much food, mood and energy are inextricably linked.

We now have such a wide variety of foods to choose from- we have options to follow a meat and potatoes diet, plant based diet, fast food diet, keto diet, standard American diet… there is no end to the options.

However, we reap the consequences of what we choose. And one important consequence or affect is how our food choices cause us to feel.

So why do we feel sluggish after a cheeseburger? Red meat requires a lot of time and energy to break down. (Why I call them gut bombs.). Therefore, it takes a lot of our energy. Additionally, a full stomach generally means we don’t feel like moving a whole lot… so it induces lethargy. Lastly, the carb crash from the bun may leave us feeling depleted as well.

When we eat processed foods and carbs with high sugar, fat or salt, we are likely to have a temporary energy spike and mood boost because we get a hit of serotonin- a feel good brain chemical that begs us to eat more ice cream, chips or other not so good for you carbs.

Those foods will alter our mood in the short run, but in order to sustain that sugar high, we need to consume more. This is how people’s brains become addicted to food that helps us feel good in the short run but then not so great in the long run when we experience the “sugar crash”.

Those foods are plentiful and accessible which is why so many people have such an issue with them.

On the other hand, when we get off the bad carbs, and choose to steer our diet towards good lean sources of protein as well as more organic plant based options, we quickly see how good we can feel and how much sustained energy we can experience.

These foods energize us with real nutrients and cause our mood to improve as well. When we eat real food, our body and brain reap the benefits. These benefits extend to our mood and overall mental health as well.

There is a well established mind/gut link that plays a significant role in how we think, feel and function.

Consider for a moment if you had a beautiful dream car. You worked hard to earn the money to purchase this car and it looks shiny and sleek from the outside. Now you go to drive your dream car off the lot and the dealer tells you someone put sugar in the tank… you are now going nowhere no matter how pretty your automobile looks from the outside.

The right type of fuel matters to cars and even more so to humans.

The right fuel- not fad diets- not overly restrictive diets -make all the difference in your physical emotional and mental health. If you fuel your body poorly your overall health, mood and energy will suffer.

Today, get on the right track. Consider all the businesses and places that can offer you what you need to get your diet on track so your body, mind, health and mood can all improve.

Today make a commitment to call or visit: Kitsap Fresh, Maxx nutrition, Sol Nutrition, Fuelrz, or Coffee oasis. Look to these businesses to help you shift your diet and support your wellbeing journey!

Need a Coach to guide you and get you started on the right path? Contact Amy with Better Path Coaching, Lesli with Optimal Wellness Consulting, or Allaynnah with Sol Nutrition to assist you in beginning your healthy journey to wellbeing.

Find them all at Click on Explore Kitsap!

Your body and mind will thank you and you will love feeling good in your body again!


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