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How Is Your Vision?

Surviving these precarious times has been its own adventure. As business owners and leaders we have been tested like never before in the areas of adaptation, resilience and crisis leadership.

Frankly, it is evident that some leaders and business owners are faring better than others. Some people are just exhausted trying to keep up their energy, a positive cando attitude, and keep all the plates spinning and not crashing to the ground.

However, while it is commonplace to enter into the survival zone during crisis or precarious times, it is imperative to not lose sight of which path we are on. In other words, your people still need your leadership.

May I encourage you today, to find, create, steal or borrow, 15 minutes of quiet unplugged time to contemplate how you will be more intentional- about your own self care, about how to lead when leading feels heavy and difficult and lonely.

May I remind you that your self care is more crucial now than ever, so figure out HOW you will engage in some rejuvenating activities either alone or with family, friends, colleagues or your team.

May I remind you this is the time to delegate, and let others rise up and shine, utilizing their creative talents to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

This is the time – even the opportunity- to not have to shoulder the burden alone, but rather a time to rally together to stay afloat and have productive forward progress.

And, this is a time your people need your vision more than ever. How has your company had to evolve and innovate moving forward?

Every employee looks to you as the owner and /or leader of your organization for not only guidance and direction, but in essence to confidently jump in the boat that you are the captain of, and they need to know in which direction you are sailing.

Your people must be reminder WHICH business you are in, WHY that business matters, WHO you serve and WHAT will likely happen moving forward. WHERE are we going, and HOW are we going to get there?

The next time you find yourself feeling like you are starting to let go of the rope, remind yourself that there are many hands who can assist, when you stop believing you have to do it all.

Your employees, teams, managers etc. are looking for you to steer the ship. Carve out time to ensure you are on the intended course.


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