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How to Fit in Work Out Time

In the summer months many of us are naturally more active- whether hiking, biking, swimming or boating, we find ourselves out and moving more than during the winter months. But what about actual workouts? Do we still need those?

I am one who does not like to rely on my extra outdoor activity time to replace my normal workouts.

If we are only active in the summer and early fall months, what happens then to our physical and mental health and wellbeing if we don’t have a plan to move our body all year long?

Sticking to my workouts of yoga, cycling, and weight lifting, is something I do year round so that I can keep my body and mind well. I know the benefits of this practice are tremendous. Let’s look at a few:

When I lift weights, I help my bones stay strong- as we age we become more prone to things like osteopenia and osteoporosis. Especially for women.

When I take yoga, I maintain strength, balance and flexibility – all things that can diminish or become compromised as we get older.

When I do cardio, I am increasing my lung capacity and endurance and helping my heart as well.

All of these physical activities provide a nice squirt of happy neurochemicals to my brain which helps to improve my mood, energy and outlook. It helps my brain function optimally while allowing me to feel great.

When I hike, do yard work, kayak or other activities, I consider that “bonus time.”

“Not having time to workout” is the number one thing I hear friends, family and clients say they struggle with. Many people want to work out; they know it would be good for them, but they consistently feel squeezed for time…

Get creative and start thinking out of the box of your usual schedule and routines.

Let’s say you are a mom of a little one. Put baby in a stroller and go take a brisk walk in the morning.

Perhaps you own a business and are already working 8-10 hours a day… you might consider getting up 30 minutes earlier and hitting the gym or work out from home. Taking a break on your lunch time and walking or lifting are both great ways to improve circulation and therefore blood flow to your brain thereby improving focus, creative problem solving, and the ability to be present and patient with people in the afternoon.

No time during the day? Get the whole family some good walking shoes and after dinner head outside and away from screens. This is a great time to hear about everyone’s day, and to make some good family memories as you enjoy a brisk walk together. This is also beneficial for digestion as well as appreciating the beautiful place we live.

Working out has so many benefits. Get creative on how, when and where you can move your body on a regular basis that feels good.

Your body and brain will thank you for the extra mental boost, increasing your immune system, staying strong, flexible and maintaining your balance. The benefits of this practice are numerous so think about how you want to feel, what physical activities are available to you ( you might switch them up in inclement weather so make a plan now) and add them to your calendar so you know exactly what you will do and when!

Life is short and we want you to Live it Well, Kitsap!


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