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How Your Mind is Mapped Affects You In Business

Most of us as leaders or business owners learned to hone our craft, and then decided to go out on our own to launch our own business or, take a leadership position within a company or organization.

What guided us in that direction? Was it our motivation to make an impact? Our desire for a certain title or salary? Perhaps we were raised with the messaging that we can accomplish anything we put our mind to.

The reality is we all got messaging growing up in one form or another that mapped our brain and caused us to think, feel and behave in ways that we practiced.

By repetitively thinking about the messages we got, we formed neural pathways that guide us still today whether we realize it or not. Messages, both overt and covert, move us towards one choice or another.

When it comes to our choices in business, our business success will be largely determined by the thoughts we think most often. These guide our path even when the messages or mind mapping don’t necessarily serve us well.

It is a worthwhile use of time and energy to pause from the busyness of life and examine the pervasive or reoccurring thoughts that you have. Are these thoughts helpful to you? Are they accurate? Do they reflect how you want to think, feel and behave today?

Does the messaging you received growing up contribute to your business success or does it drive you towards destruction or impulsive decisions?

If you want a different outcome professionally, it pays to set aside time alone or with a professional counselor or coach who can walk you through identifying which thought patterns serve you well, and which thoughts have mapped your brain in a way that is perhaps not beneficial.

We are all a product of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Pause today to reflect on whether you are making conscious choices for your business or organization or acting off of old stories that may not even be accurate.

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