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If Time Were Like Money How Would You Spend It?

If time were tangible like money and you could hold it in your hand, how might you think differently about it? How might you spend it differently than you currently do?

Some of us spend money wisely and thoughtfully. We weigh out the necessity of each purchase. Do I really need this? Do I want it? What will having this item do for me? Others, spend more impulsively: I see it. I want it. I buy it. Still others spend more recklessly as in buying much more than they can reasonably afford.

When you think about it, how people spend time is often the same. Some are very thoughtful and purposeful. They realize that time is a gift not to be taken for granted. They understand that the people they love both need and want their time, and that ultimately time is limited, therefore we should be intentional about how, where and with who we spend it.

Others, think about time in more of a “have to” kind of way. I have to go to work. I have to go to my in-laws on Sunday. Others of us spend time more recklessly- sometimes pursuing things that are temporary, foolish or don’t advance our health, life or relationships in any significant way.

What if you were told you only had the time span of one more week of your life to live? Might you think differently about how you spend those precious minutes, hours and days of that week?

Might you start to hone in on who and what really matters?

Here’s a little exercise. Write down a typical day for you. Where do you go, who are you with and what do you do? How many minutes of that is helping yourself (self care) helping or nurturing others, and /or advancing a purpose or passion?

How many minutes are wasted with things like scrolling on your phone, gossip, or posting things on social that don’t really benefit anyone?

When we start to think of minutes like money, we can be more intentional about how and where and with who we spend them. When we spend money, it runs out. The same is true with time.

Consider today, who are the people that really matter to you? If the response to that is my partner, and or my kids, what are you doing to make real time with them? Not just doing chores or talking at them, but really making time to connect with them and crawl into their world to see how they are really doing?

What are the places that you love to visit both locally and elsewhere around the world? Make a plan to make minutes in those locations. There are so many local places to enjoy in Kitsap. Plan a walk in one of our beautiful parks or a picnic lunch. Make the minutes count!

How can you make meaningful moments in your work? How will you lift others up in your workplace vs thinking about what work is giving you? How will you show up using your talents and strengths to better your business or workplace?

Lastly, in your community, how will you make meaningful connections, lending a hand to others who need it? How can you support your community and become an active member in it? There are so many ways and places you can accomplish spending meaningful moments- you can do this through a church, through volunteering, and joining us for Live Well Kitsap community events as well.

We all have an expiration date where neither minutes nor money will matter anymore.

How do you want to spend the precious minutes of your life?



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