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Invest Time in Your Spiritual Wellbeing

Finding that even though you may be home more since the pandemic, you still feel rushed, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and off center more often than you care to admit?

These are stressful times. Pandemic life calls for extra changes, adaptations and considerations.

One thing that does not have to change however is your spiritual life. In other words, if you already are enjoying a rich relationship with the God of the universe; communing, believing and practicing your faith, then you are already likely experiencing the calmness and peace that exercising our faith muscle can bring.

However, if you have fallen away, or maybe don’t know what you believe, now may be the best time to carve out time to invest yourself in reading, praying, meditating, or otherwise deciding what having a robust spiritual life means for YOU.

We are created for fellowship. We are created for connection. We are created to have a vertical relationship as well as many healthy and safe “horizontal” relationships. In other words, we need other humans for connection, intimacy, comfort, support and encouragement and fun in the context of mutually psychological and physically safe relationship.

But that is not enough… Think about God creating Adam in the garden of Eden. Adam had it made. Perfect paradise. No marital strife, no kids screaming, no in-law or money problems. Just peace and paradise. And yet God was like, you need a helpmate. You need a companion, and I will provide one for you. We are not meant to be in this life completely alone. That is not how we are designed to function best.

Fast forward to now… not only are many of us dealing with our own issues, but often we are dealing with others issues as well- their painful past experiences, their woundedness, their confusion or struggles now added to the strain of an ongoing pandemic.

If it feels like some days it is too much… perhaps it is because there is a prompting that you may be ignoring. A prompting to stop the busyness, pause from the demands of the day, and take a break from routines to create safe, quiet and sacred space with God (or whoever you believe your higher power to be).

I was asked recently if Live Well Kitsap is a “Christian organization”? I had not been asked that before. I paused before answering, and then replied, I am a Christian. That is my faith. I believe in Jesus and that He is my Lord and Savior. I am a follower of Christ. With that said, we as a team, are building Live Well Kitsap as a COMMUNITY. And in a community all beliefs are welcomed.

We, the LWK Team desire for people of Kitsap (and all over) to be intentional to live their best life physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, financially, and SPIRITUALLY.

We wish to share our hope for you that if you are a believer that you will be intentional to set aside daily time with God. Follow the prompting of how to spend that time… perhaps you read the bible, pray, meditate, read a devotional, or listen to faith music. Really let the words or music soak in and penetrate your heart, mind, thoughts and spirit.

If you are searching, if perhaps all you’ve ever known is your parent’s religion, or you haven’t thought about what you believe, now is the best time to invest yourself in discovering who and what matters to you in your spiritual life. Discover the peace that comes with exercising your faith or your chosen spiritual practice.

This extra time won’t magically appear or show up on your doorstep. You have to create it. You have to prioritize it. Decide how often you wish to engage in spiritual activities and then write them in your calendar, or planner as if these were important meetings with your boss, a client, a friend…

There is peace in the midst of chaos when we seek it. There is comfort in knowing that we don’t have to deal with any of our circumstances completely alone. And for me as a believer, I know this is all temporary and I am just passing through. I am a sojourner here. I choose to intentionally press on despite personal, professional, community or global challenges with peace, perseverance and positivity knowing my paradise awaits me on the other side in God’s perfect timing.

This week, spend some time investing in your spiritual life and just notice what that experience is like for you. Take in peace and restoration and breathe out stress and tension. Jump into the LWK Transformation event if you want more ideas on daily activities for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation.



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