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Overcoming Distractions and Moving Toward Mindfulness

So, you want to be more mindful? What did you say… are you a little distracted right now?

If distractibility was a diagnosable disease, It’s fair to say most of us would have at least a mild case of it, if not moderate or severe.

We live in a highly distractible society with a cell phone in nearly every hand at one point or another throughout the day. Those that are not gazing deeply into their phone are often mesmerized in another world via their computer, laptop or ipad. And then there’s video games that put people in a near catatonic state for hours at a time.

It’s no wonder we are bombarded with dings, rings and things that distract us continuously from moment to moment.

At what cost?

When is the last time you had a face- to -face eyeball to eyeball conversation with your kiddo, your partner, or even your boss for that matter? The kind of conversation where you are not just chatting as you pass by, but rather looking into one another’s eyes.

Been awhile?

And we wonder why we often feel such a disconnect with our partner, our children, and sometimes even ourselves.

There is a high cost to this distractibility and it is taking a toll on relationships, productivity, creativity and feeling and experiencing real connection on a human level that is necessary for we humans to thrive.

If this resonates with you at all, read on to learn some tips and ways you can incorporate more mindfulness moments into your life.

1. Don’t leap out of bed in the morning. Do this instead. Wake up and begin to deep breathe with your eyes closed. Inhale through your nose, and then slowly exhale out your mouth. Repeat for at least 3 cycles.

2. Don’t start your day running like a chicken with your head cut off. Instead, wake up slowly. Set an alarm ten minutes earlier if needed. Wake up and engage in prayer or meditation, and / or think of three things you are grateful for. Gratitude helps us stay in the moment.

3. Don’t answer every ding that you hear. Instead, set your alarm for twice a day to check emails and messages at designated times of the day. Then you can make technology work for you instead of being attached to it like an umbilical cord.


1. Set aside time each day at regular intervals- to stop, pause, breathe, and move away from your computer. Use this time to close your eyes, stretch and again consider one thing you are grateful for.

2. Make time each day to get out in nature. Take a kiddo along, push your baby in a stroller or use your lunch break– whatever it takes to make time to get outside. Pause on your walk or hike to notice a beautiful flower, an interesting tree, or a squirrel hopping by. Take a mindful moment to appreciate what you are witnessing.

3. Be sure each day you carve out some alone time, also known as “Cave Time” to experience a few moments of calm and stillness. This helps to give you the time to be present and aware of your surroundings, tuning in also to what you need and what you notice in your body. Even five to ten minutes per day is a great start.

While most people are highly dependent on their phone, computer etc. to work and play, there are many moments of the day that if we become more intentional, we can experience mindful moments. Be sure to start carving out time to be more present and mindful and reap the benefits.


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