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Ready to Feel Better?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We’ve all been there; each day feeling fatigued, overworked, over stressed and not feeling good in our bodies. We are doing too much with too few resources and our health goes straight to the back burner. Many of us are there now.

It’s not sustainable. I talk with clients, business owners and leaders, parents… and I’m here to tell you the amount of stress we are all carrying, and putting our health dead last, is not sustainable.

It often feels like a daily grind of too much to do and no time left to “take care of me”… it is a familiar story that has only been worsened by the pandemic. I just have to say, there is a better way.

I wish I could say it involves an easy peasy pop a pill, in reality, what I am about to suggest is necessary to have a meaningful life, one that allows you to accomplish your goals without feeling bad, guilty or super stressed. It involves getting creative to take care of you first. Still not convinced?

The flight attendant on the plane reminds me every time I fly, in the event of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first. This is because if you pass out or die not only can you not help anyone else including your loved ones, but you may be in the way of others if you are collapsed in the aisle.

Not a pretty picture is it? So Here’s how to put on your own daily “oxygen mask” so you can break out of these ruts of fatigue, stress, being overweight, over tired, and spent.

1. Move your Body daily- Parents, strap your babies to your body and dance, walk, or move with your little ones. Get a stroller you can use outside in inclement weather and schedule a brisk walk or jog daily. Business Owners/ leaders- schedule some work out time even in 15 minute increments as though it was the most important meeting of your day. Invite your staff to walk at lunch, hire a yoga instructor to come on site or do virtual yoga with your remote team. Ask your family to walk or bike ride together before or after dinner. In other words, make moving a priority.

2. Schedule your daily activities that serve to move your body and reduce stress.

This can entail anything from a 30 minutes swim at your local YMCA, resume the racquetball you stopped playing, or begin to lift weights. If you are looking for a smaller gym consider Snap Fitness, one of our newest LWK Business Members. Moving your body on a regular basis increases blood flow (BEMER also helps with increasing blood flow and wellbeing )and serves to energize and provides a better thinking brain. Fitness activities also have a significant effect on mood and our overall mental health as well.

3. Stop/ Pause /Breathe- I work with my clients on mindful breathing and encourage them to practice this several times a day. The increased oxygen to your brain will likely provide more energy, focus, calm, and ability to clearly see a path forward to better productivity. This is especially important for parents and business owners to do often.

This one practice alone can serve to keep your stress levels in check.

4. Work on the Bones and Immunity- Keeping your body in good working order is essential. At LWK we know firsthand the benefits of chiropractic and massage. May we encourage you to regularly visit your chiro and massage therapist if you have one, and if not give our friends KYM and SEAN at Shanti Living Wellness a try for massage. Call and schedule a chiropractic visit with Sean Joseph DC at Integrated Chiropractic. Any machine needs to be kept in good working order. Making time for these important tune ups is critical for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

5. Diet Matters every day. You cannot skip meals and think your body and brain will continue to do what you require of them. Eating a steady diet of fast food, processed food, sugar and other junk will just make you feel sluggish and also cause your blood sugar to dip and dive. Eating poorly or haphazardly often results in significant fatigue. Focus on healthier food choices. Order from Kitsap Fresh where you can get great food on line and shop in less than half the time it takes to get to the grocery store.

6. Buy the Products that help you to Live Well. Using healthier household and personal care products has both physical and emotional benefits. When we are reducing toxic exposure we are creating healthier bodies and minds. When we know our personal care products are helping us become healthier instead of sicker, that has benefits all the way around. Learn more by reaching out to Margie who sells Norwex products, and /or Margaret with Melaleuca.

7. Maintain the rest of your health with screenings. It is important to have regular health screenings to ensure that your fatigue is not directly related to a diagnosable illness. Visiting a naturopath physician who takes time with you like Dr. Cy Fisher at Equilibrium Natural Health is a great option. Additional screenings are also important like getting free hearing screenings which is available at Link Audiology with Evan Grolley, Aud.,CCC-A.


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