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Take Control of Your Time!  

Time. That elusive intangible thing that we are all affected by that we cannot see, touch, smell or taste yet it keeps ticking away right alongside us.   Our clocks and phones remind us that it is present, ushering us toward the next event, meeting or responsibility.


Yet for so many, it feels like time and schedules control them versus feeling in control of their time and schedule.


Aside from money woes, the clients I coach often lament that the challenge of managing their time ( and energy) are ever present as business owners.  


There are many systems and methods out there for time management, however many of them lack two things.


One, they often miss one of the most important aspects of managing your time and that is learning to manage your energy.  When we are talking about time management, a big piece of that is learning more about you, what you like to do and when, and when your energy is the highest ( and what types of things you ought to schedule then) vs the things that you ought to schedule when your energy is lower.


Additionally, many programs and methods of time management leave out the important piece of how your goals and values ought to play out in your daily/ weekly schedule.


At Live Well Kitsap, we have many people who can help you with this:


Consider connecting with:


A Better Path Coaching- with Amy J who can help you eat better, lose weight and manage your energy better.


Healthy Eaters,- with Winni W. who can help you learn about what you eat and why and steer your diet towards higher energy foods.


Bemer -with Monica Batchelor- Using Bemer consistently can help with increased circulation and energy.


Varris Marketing – with Val H. who can help with some of the demands of your schedule by coaching you through outsourcing.


The Wellspring Company- with Lesli D-T who can help you learn more about yourself, how your brain works, how to connect with your personal and business goals and values and create a schedule with actions that are in alignment so you can enjoy increased  productivity with less stress.


Be sure to utilize all the resources on the Live Well Kitsap site to help you live well personally and in your business!


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