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The Feeling of Wellbeing 

There’s a lot of press about happiness- how to obtain it, how to stay happy, but there’s not enough said about the actual feeling of holistic wellbeing:  What it feels like to be physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, relationally and spiritually well.


We all have fleeting moments of happiness- we get the job of our dreams, our kid does something we feel pride over, we have a day off work, or a day to celebrate an important event. But then the emotional high fades, and often people’s lives return to a more rote existence.


Living well and experiencing true inner peace, contentment and wellbeing requires intention, practice, patience and perseverance.  It demands of us at times to work at it, and other times to surrender, sit in stillness, pause, reflect, and return to gratitude.


But what does a general sense of wellness feel like?  And who among us experience the inner sense of contentment in multiple areas of one’s life?  Is this even possible?


There is a verse I often ponder in scripture that states essentially, I have learned to be content whatsoever my circumstances. ( Philippians 4:11).  I have taken this verse to heart and make it a point to “practice it” daily.  This for me is one way I have cultivated an overall sense of wellbeing.


Achieving a  sense of wellbeing is possible as long as we remember  that life will still present us with curve balls, challenges and difficulties, With the right tools, support, and well practiced accurate thinking, we can still thrive rather than just survive.


I am fortunate to hear others’ stories of how they are achieving the feeling of wellbeing.  A client shared recently that she was so blown away from the impact of changing her diet to more of a mediterranean focused diet.   She couldn’t believe how much better she felt, how much more energy she had, how her higher blood pressure had come down (her doc was amazed too) because she is now practicing healthy eating.


Another client recently shared that while in a medical setting her blood pressure  was really high.  She requested to just sit for 5 minutes and then asked to have it rechecked.  She intentionally spent those 5 minutes deep breathing and bi laterally tapping.  5 minutes later her blood pressure was significantly lower.   She immediately experienced the feeling of wellbeing- recognizing that she had the power and the tools within her to effect such a radical change in her own body. 


The feeling of wellbeing can also be fleeting like happiness, however with practice and intention, it is something that stays with you. 


As I write this, my body is exhausted after much time spent in preparation of our big community event. From the outside you might see someone who looks tired.  Am I lacking my usual level of energy one day post event? For sure.  But like an athlete who finished and won the race…  if you could see me inwardly, you’d see complete inner contentment from having a goal, pursuing it with passion, and having gratitude for the outcome.


The difference between happiness and wellbeing, is even after the dopamine, adrenalin high wears off, you are still left with a deep and satisfying inner sense of wellbeing.


At Live Well Kitsap, we wish this for you. can help you get there!


Want to chat more?  Join us in our Live Well Kitsap community group!



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