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The Need to be Resilient is Great

We are not out of the pandemic woods yet. The Delta variant is certainly ensuring that. As businesses open and go back into full swing, the typical challenges of business ownership are still there along with the new challenges of dealing with full operations and people problems amidst growing concern of what this variant may mean for businesses.

This is a great time to be practicing resilience skills. Some of us have better resilient and strategic thinking skills than others, so here’s some reminders for you.

  1. Practice Self Care Daily- It is not ok to put off your own self care because as a business owner you “don’t have time”. Finding a way to move your body and eat a reasonably healthy diet daily ensures that you will have the energy, and brain function to creatively solve problems rather than operate in reactionary mode to all the stressors you are facing. You can be on a stationary bike and read emails or make calls if needed. Find a creative way to combine self care with work duties if that is truly the only way to fit in fitness time.

  2. Don’t Go it Alone. Being a business owner can be lonely business. Often as owners, executives or managers we are wearing so many hats we can’t see straight. And, we often tell ourselves a story that we alone have to keep all the balls in the air. Start talking to other business owners. Pick their brain for some creative ways they have solved issues in their business as a result of the pandemic. Start leaning into your staff on the front lines. Often they can see clearly how a small change might make a big difference in efficiency, productivity or increased customer satisfaction. When you ask employees for their experiences and ideas they will feel more included and engaged as a result, and you can free up a ball or two.

  3. Consider Options Often- Do not succumb to the status quo way of thinking and decision making. You can’t afford in this climate to do that, so start developing the habit of identifying specific issues, and possibilities of ways to resolve them. Include your managers or team leads in this brainstorming process as well.

  4. Check in with your Thinking- Moving away from doing things the way you always have will require you to thinkdifferently than you “always have”. What stories are you telling yourself at this time about the important issues you and your business are dealing with? What is your self talk saying? Is your internal narrative accurate and beneficial? If not, questions those thoughts and stories. Write them down and check them for accuracy. Perhaps there is a grain of truth, however your status quo thinking may be actually what is keeping you or your business stuck.

  5. Keep a balance – Resilience is about being able to bounce back from difficulties so begin to think in terms of “how can I be at my best, so I can give my best to my partner, kids, family, friends, community and my business?” Working too much without any breaks (mental breaks and actual time away) may in fact be making you less effective in your business and more stressed out which will negatively impact everyone else around you.

  6. Make Some Cave Time Daily- Start and end your day with intention and structure. Be sure that somewhere in there are times when you unplug and take time to dream, plan, reflect, pray or meditate. These are your times to refresh and recharge. We all need this so even if you’ve been wearing your super hero business cape for a long time, it’s time to set it down periodically and realize that in your humanness you may need some refueling.

  7. Engage in Strategic Scheduling- Creating a master calendar with all of your fixed appointments, commitments, meetings and responsibilities on one calendar can add a feeling of control and empowerment to your days. In the flex time that remains is where you can schedule your work out time, cave time, and other time to rejuvenate. If you are a solopreneur, CEO, or executive this one tool can be a saving grace by helping you function effectively in your daily flow and routines. Being resilient is much easier to accomplish when we are not functioning in the “chicken with the head cut off” zone.

  8. Hire a Business and /or Wellness Coach- If you are having difficulty making these suggested changes, or feel overwhelmed with where or how to start, reach out to the many fine coaches available through the Live Well Kitsap site. mind-your-health.

Start with any one of these 8 ideas to become more resilient in this challenging, everchanging world we are living in. These unprecedented challenges require us to be resilient and adaptable.

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