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What are You Doing to Give to Others Outside of Your Inner Circle?

Givers gain is a mantra you may have heard before. Books have been written about it. It sounds like a good enough concept, but how does the busy entrepreneur make time to even consider the question, “what could I be doing for others,” when it feels like it’s all we can do to keep our own heads above water.

Most business owners I know are often overwhelmed. Covid circumstances have taken what was already difficult and stressful enough and compounded the stress of business ownership with all the adaptions and pivoting necessary to stay afloat in the last two years.

And yet…

There is actually something awesome and beneficial on a number of levels about making time to connect with other people outside of your inner circle- beyond your own family, friends and church or sports buddies.

When we reach out to other business owners, when we extend an offer to connect and then actually do it, we can be incredibly energized as well as even make discoveries that make us go “ahhhhhh, I’m not alone.”

Additionally, other business owners may have a resource, idea, connection or person that can be of help to you personally, or with your business. Conversely, making time to connect with other business owners and leaders may enrich their life and you may find you have something of value to offer up as well. Often this leads to a relationship of reciprocity where each business person wants to help the other out.

An additional benefit is breaking out of our own self imposed routines. Venturing out for a break or a change of scenery is good for our mental health and can do a world of good.

As you are making your task lists, and if you engage in strategic master scheduling, be sure to add time to connect with other business people to the list of to -do’s.

At Live Well Kitsap we are trying to help you, the busy entrepreneur, to make it easier for you to meet and connect with other local leaders.

Watch for more information on Connect groups, as well as LWK Social events that we will be holding more frequently. If you missed the first one on April 1st, no worries, there are more to come!

As always we welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions regarding Live Well Kitsap and how we can be there to support you in ways that matter most!


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