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What Is Your Main Jam?

Many entrepreneurs do many things well. Many business owners got into their small businesses because they were great hair stylists, or widget makers, and wanted to work for themselves.

Often times as enthusiastic new business owners, we want to do it all- provide every service, solve every problem our clients or customers may have.

Ultimately, we have limited time and space to get our messaging out. This necessitates that we have a clear, specific and easy to understand value proposition to offer our current and future customers. Why should they come into your store? Why should they buy your toxic free cleaning products? Why should they take the time to stop in, call or order from you?

The answer of course is that if we don’t understand our customers needs and pain points better, they won’t.

Yes of course getting yourself out there… networking events, Live Well Kitsap socials, expos and vendor events are all important ways to connect with your prospects, however knowing more about them is essential.

If you are business owner, you must have clarity. What is your unique selling point? (Your USP?). What is your value proposition? What is the one thing people can count on that you can help them with- which problem can you solve for them?

The answer to those questions will help you gain clarity as to what your “main jam” is that you consistently offer, provide, and do well.

Are you helping someone overcome a physical or mental / emotional problem?

Are you a coach who can help people lose weight in a new and unique way?

Are you a hair salon that offers same day appointments – thus solving the problem of people who need a cut and are short on time (as well as those who don’t plan well)?

Are you a café or bakery who can accommodate special needs diets like gluten, dairy free organic or vegan?

If you are not sure what your main jam should be, talk to your current customers, clients or patients. What is the number one benefit they receive from your goods and /or services?

Let that start you on the path in determining what your main value proposition ought to be.

You might also choose to utilize market research which you can do through social media via polls, surveys etc.

Be sure that once you’ve identified your “main jam”- that one offering that you consistently do best- that you are consistent in your marketing, branding, and messaging so people come to learn that this is WHO you are and WHAT you provide.

You can always wow them later with all your other many talents, services or products!


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