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3 Key Things to Increase your Effectiveness as a Leader 

Are you recognizing you are feeling stagnant in your leadership skills?  Do you notice your teams seem to have hit a plateau and are no longer striving to excel?   Complacency is the enemy of progress and growth so here’s a few ideas to improve how you show up to begin to energize yourself and your teams and increase your influence as a leader.


1.      Listen intently, and Speak less.  Leaders and business owners often feel like they must have all the answers all the time.  This often makes them the first and the last person to speak in the room.  The reality is more listening and less speaking leads to greater connections and opportunity to glean ideas from others- especially those who are in direct contact with your customers or clients.  They have a lot to say if only you will practice listening.

2.     Give your people more opportunity to do what they do best.  The more you know the strengths and passions of each member of your team, and the more you help them identify and appreciate their strengths, the more people will want to use them.  Make sure that you and your managers /leaders are providing more and more opportunities for people to get to do what they love and what they are good at. 

3.     Be Generous with Genuine Praise.  We all like to be acknowledged.  Make it a point to notice what people in your company are doing well.  When someone offers a new idea or system of doing things, think gratitude first, even before weighing the pros and cons of the idea.  The more your people are praised, the more they want to contribute to you and your organization.


Focus on these three things this week and see what you notice in yourself and in your people.  Then make it a point to practice these three things on a daily basis.  When you are someone that shows up consistently lifting your people up, staying focused on the mission of your organization and creating opportunities for others to shine, you’ll start to see people who want to contribute in meaningful ways and give you their best efforts.



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