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Committing Random Acts of Kindness 

Updated: May 22

Think back to the last time someone did something really nice or unexpected for you.  What did that feel like?  Did you notice?  Did you stop to express gratitude?  Did it make you want to do something nice for someone else that day?


We live in such a rushed world, and most of us are dealing with life’s roles and responsibilities at breakneck speed so that when someone stops their busy world for us it really can feel very special.


Sometimes the kindness is a small thing like holding a door open for someone.  Or maybe it’s someone really going out of their way to make your day a little better.


I had a recent experience with a random act of kindness and it  really made me feel awe struck.  As we are full steam ahead in organizing our big outdoor one day community event, Kitsapfest, I have been searching for a nurse to hold down the fort for a first aid station at this event.   


Recently while out at an appointment,  I turned to leave and saw a woman wearing  scrubs with a large RN badge enter the building.  I introduced myself, asked if I could have a minute of her time, and shared about Kitsapfest, and our need to have a nurse on board.


She graciously and immediately accepted.   When I asked what she would charge me for the day, she immediately responded that she would be happy to volunteer for this community event.


I was just excited to find someone willing and available, but the fact that she was willing to volunteer for us and for me- a complete stranger was mind boggling in the best possible way.


There is so much bad news in our world these days. So much tension, discord and difficulty.  Sometimes even one act of random kindness is what is needed to start a wave of positivity and caring for one another that can be profound.


What about you?  Are you someone that makes it a point to do random acts of kindness for others without expecting anything in return?


That is the key of course… there are many who do nice things for people, especially the people around them, but then they come “with a catch”. The person wants something back, or they want a “credit” for a favor when they need something from you.


The  acts of kindness I am proposing are selfless.  The reward is the  good feeling you get (and nothing more) when you do something unexpected that makes someone else’s day.


If you are someone that wants more of what I am talking about, you might try to live by the following “rule of 3” when it comes to being intentional about acts of kindness.


1.  First and foremost, do one kind thing for yourself every day.  This reminds you that you are worth taking care of, so amaze yourself in the kindness department.  It is hard to give from an empty basket.

2.  Do one kind thing for someone you know.  It can be a friend, relative, partner, coworker, etc. but the idea is let your inner light shine, and for a few sweet moments focus on selflessly with no expectation, giving to another.

3.  Do one act of kindness for a random stranger.  This can be tricky but if you start keeping this top of mind, you would be amazed what small things are available to you to extend kindness to another… hold the door open for someone walking in or out of a building, offer to hold someone’s heavy grocery bag, or let a car go first that is trying to pull out of a parking lot. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to serve someone else with an act of kindness.


Recently I was sitting outside at a café.  A woman looking distressed trying to manage two dogs that had an agenda of their own, asked me if I would watch her dogs for just a couple of minutes so she could go in and order a coffee.  Without hesitation I said sure.  She gave me a quick synopsis on  what I needed to know and in short order I had gained two new furry friends. Just as important, I had opportunity to help someone in need by doing very little since I was already just sitting there. 


Sometimes we can find random acts of kindness to offer another, and sometimes the opportunities will find us.   Will you be open and ready to oblige if you can? 


It often takes such a short amount of time to just extend kindness in a world that is rushing by with self focused glasses on.


Start today and notice what engaging in the rule of 3 feels like.  Enjoy all the good vibes!


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