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How Are You Managing You During The Pandemic Transition?

Many of us have felt overwhelmed for the last 15 months or so. Everything we knew that was our lives- where we lived, worked, ate out… the people we lovingly hugged and touched, became a threat or a question mark. Going to run mundane errands like grocery shopping became something of a concern leaving many of us feeling unsettled.

Some of us- maybe you- have lost jobs, businesses, your office, or worse, a friend or loved one to Covid-19.

As we turn the corner of renewed hope; some normalcy and predictability, how are you caring for yourself? How are you doing at not falling into old habits, but rather living with intention from lessons learned during this upside down period in all of our lives?

First off- Managing yourself well means paying attention or tuning inwardly. Have you made time to ask yourself what you want to be different in your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally or financially post pandemic?

It is easy and common to simply long for “the return to normal” and yet we have so much opportunity right now to slow down, reflect and choose how to move forward in a way that brings about life, health, vitality and inner contentment.

Today we won’t discuss any how to’s but rather the LWK Team wishes to provide you with a set of questions to ponder as you make time and space to move forward in a way that is congruent with a life well lived- one with more presence and mindfulness about what you are seeking and why.

1. How was your health before the pandemic? Were you paying attention to it by treating your body and mind with the care it needs? Were you paying attention to your diet in terms of eating what is both tasty and nutritious, or was your eating haphazard and on the run? Were you plagued with health problems and issues that could be helped or fully resolved by choosing a healthier diet, moving your body, losing weight, or taking some good supplements? What will you choose moving forward?

2. How was your spiritual life prior to the pandemic? Were you devoid of anything spiritual or religious? Were you someone who attended a church or temple but your faith had little application the other days of the week? How do you want to move forward in this important area now?

3. How were you managing your stress load prior to the pandemic? Now that many of us are working more from home, will you continue to do that post pandemic? Will you make the time to do the things that are rejuvenating, energizing, or restorative? Will you invest in deep breathing, yoga, thai chi, taking walks, jogs or hikes to manage your stress more effectively moving forward?

4. How were you showing up in your relationships at home and at work? Were you physically present, but mentally somewhere else? Could your children or partner count on you to be mindful and present, willing and able to engage, or were you just going through the motions? What do you want for your relationships now? Where can you make changes both to free up time for the relationships that really matter and how will you shift to show up in a way that you can be present- calm, relaxed and even joyful?

5. How was your work or business situation? Were you hating your job or just putting in the time? Was your business something you just did without thinking about why that business even mattered to you? Are you willing now to take the time to reflect and ask If you are in the right job, career, or business? How will you intentionally move forward to create a life that is meaningful through your work?

We have all been through a great upheaval in the last 14-16 months of our lives.

This is a time… a time to remember everyone has a story. Everyone has struggles. It is also a time to pause and reflect so that you can be intentional how you write your story moving forward.

Should you need help personally or professionally to write a different story for your life; help in your relationships, or your business, we have many great businesses on the LWK site that are there to assist you!

Go to and click on Explore Kitsap to learn more about the people, places and professionals that can help you live well.


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